Engagement Opportunities

In addition to the numerous events we host every year, we also provide a number of resources, programs and opportunities for engagement. For you to get the most from your membership with the Punjabi Chamber, you are encouraged to become involved in our programs and events and benefit from several opportunities we provide.

Promote Your Business

The Punjabi Chamber’s affordable sponsorship and advertising programs deliver your message to prospective new customers in publications of the Chamber including Chambers website, email newsletters, events, programs, seminars, workshops and symposiums.

Become a Leader

A partnership with the Punjabi Chamber aims to develop a dynamic network of exemplary and different leaders in the business, control and community sectors who are capable of addressing the serious challenges facing the Punjabi region.

Advocate for Punjabi Businesses/Professionals

Each year, the Chamber hosts different business events. These events connect businesses with public officials and policy makers on the issues that are of importance.

Offer Discounts to PCC Members

Membership of Punjabi Chamber enables our members to save money on goods and services, and most significantly, offers participating members the prospect to offer discounts to our members and others in our database. To partake, your business must provide a discount that is not available to the public, at some noticeable percentage below market value. Punjabi Chamber will promote your discount online through our website and other Chamber promotional publications.