Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program utilizes a two-step approach. We first identify industry experts in their respective fields and then match great communicators (the mentors) with mentees, and having the mentee go from an entry point (point A) to a graduation point (Point B, their end goal). We have experts from the following verticals: Science & engineering (including aviation and nautical careers), Medical and Pharma, Government & Legal (including military & politics), Music, media, arts & entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Academia, Non-profit/NGO,Finance & investments and Sports and Tourism. The time for our community to remain complacent has come and gone, we need to proactively motivate the next generations. Future astronauts, Presidents and teachers.

Community Connect

The Chamber is focused to foster greater business relationships and professional connections among the 2000+ member businesses and organisations. Our events with high-level speakers, important and timely topics offer the opportunity to grow your businesses by getting to know each other. During the pandemic, our events featured decision-makers in government and the private sector, offering guidance on what member businesses are doing to innovate their practices and continue operating.

We are a platform that will generationally be passed down. Engage with like-minded peers, and learn from leading industry experts at our events. We’re looking to not just tackle today’s issues, but foster a future community that has the tools to not just compete, but to excel.

Become a Leader

Punjabi Chamber aims to develop a dynamic network of exemplary leaders who are capable of addressing the challenges facing the community. The Chamber offers dozens of volunteer positions on committees.

Our volunteers will build valuable connections with fellow business leaders and help guide the Chamber as it fulfils its mission to promote commerce and cooperation among Punjabi businesses and professionals. Our management committees comprise of dedicated volunteer members whose efforts are to provide purposeful and rewarding opportunities.

Offer Discounts

As members of the Chamber, one can offer discounted products and services to member colleagues and their employees. The goal is to help increase business potential and networking. To participate, your business must be a member of Punjabi Chamber of Commerce. Your business will offer a discount which will be published on the Chamber website.

Participating in this discount program is a way to support other members and get even more exposure for your business.