Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program utilizes a two-step approach. We first identify industry experts in their respective fields and then match great communicators (the mentors) with mentees, and having the mentee go from an entry point (point A) to a graduation point (Point B, their end goal). We have experts from the following verticals: Science & engineering (including aviation and nautical careers), Medical and Pharma, Government & Legal (including military & politics), Music, media, arts & entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Academia, Non-profit/NGO,Finance & investments and Sports and Tourism. The time for our community to remain complacent has come and gone, we need to proactively motivate the next generations. Future astronauts, Presidents and teachers.

Community Connect

We are a platform that will generationally be passed down. We’re looking to not just tackle today’s issues, but foster a future community that has the tools to not just compete, but to excel.

Become A Leader

Punjabi Chamber aims to develop a dynamic network of exemplary and different leaders in the business, control and community sectors who are capable of addressing the serious challenges facing the Punjabi region.

Offer discounts

Membership of Punjabi Chamber enables our members to save money on goods and services, and most significantly, offers participating members the prospect to offer discounts to our members and others in our database. Punjabi Chamber will promote your discount online through our website and other Chamber promotional publications.