Harpreet Randhawa
Co-Chair, Mumbai Chapter
March 2, 2021
In a world that is constantly undergoing rapid evolution, Harpreet Randhawa, an entrepreneur and Mumbai Co-Chair feels that working professionals today tend to be extremely aware, adaptive and open to upgrading their skillsets.
They incessantly look out for growth as against following stagnant systems or archaic approaches. Steady networking and travel keep them abreast of new ideas and challenges for they do not function like ostriches. All these become important from the organisation point of view. In all earnestness, youngsters today are focussed on professional stability, whereby their work achievements determine the milestones of their personal lives.

Firmly believing that women can do a lot for each other as they understand human psychology really well, Randhawa believes that their thought process, behaviour and sixth sense enables women to find strength in each other to grow in life, both professionally and personally. As a team they can function really well. Only thing is that the impetus should come from within and they should not be bogged down by unhealthy competitiveness or be averse to being led by a woman.

While the multifaceted achiever lauds today’s young women for managing home and work so deftly, she also encourages them to take a breather from time to time. “Find that 5 minutes for a cup of tea for yourself. Just drinking tea and not doing anything else will rejuvenate you,” saysRandhawa.

Leading several organisations through merit Randhawa feels that her climb has been due to her giving importance to time and managing it well, adapting to change without delay and travelling alone. She has dared to dream, aspired to reach places and positions that were real and achievable and kept having expectations from herself. Over the years she has been mentoring young women to be creators and not consumers. Mentorship, she says, needs to be done with focus on building up a strong core, their relationship and connection with the immediate environment, and finally, what they will be contributing to the world outside. She always emphasizes these.

If she could get a chance to be her 20-year-old-self, Randhawa would keep doing what she is doing. But most importantly, she would do the right thing when no one is watching.
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