Kulwant Sandhu
Co-Chair, San Francisco Chapter
March 3, 2021
Shouldering important responsibilities, Kulwant Sandhu, Co-Chair of San Francisco Chapter opines that flexibility, teamwork, time management, successful interpersonal relationships and a lasting reputation within your organization and industry strengthens one’s position as an entrepreneur.
With priorities changing from rigid workplaces/workhours to flexible ones, balance between personal and professional life is imperative. This leads to productive and collaborative work environment(s).

With the world recognising and respecting the concept of women supporting women, Kulwant feels that women must benefit from each other. When women celebrate each other’s accomplishments, they’re all lifted up. Women can do so much more if they stop being competitive and more collaborative. They will discover ways to overcome hurdles, biases to form close connections. This will bring forward unique talents to leadership.

To women juggling work and home, Kulwant’s advices drawing a line. When your to-do list is full, decline piling projects at work as well as home. Note down your senior’s top priorities and finish working on those, but promise as much as you can deliver.

The achiever is thankful to all those who made her journey worth the while. Her parents, family and professional mentors. But, Kulwant also believed in herself when it came to solving problems, facing challenges and executing assignments with diligence. Young girls dreaming big must be inspired from role models making an impactful change in the world.

Kulwant’s success story includes changing the lives of ESRD patients by manufacturing and supplying Dialysis equipment, solving global supply chain puzzles, employing thousands across countries along with developing team members and future leaders. But, if she has to rewind to her 20-year-old self and do anything differently, she says she would leverage her community resources to acquire additional skills.
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