Nazm Singh
Co-Chair, Delhi Chapter
March 4, 2021
Nazm Singh, Co-Chair, Delhi Chapter feels her journey has just begun. She shares on what worked for her and what should young girls beginning their professional journey keep in mind.
History has proven that humans evolve with time. And so does society along with them. But most importantly, what we must and are doing is to continue learning and growing. The good part is that we have moved from quantitative expectations to qualitative expectations now. How much doesn’t matter anymore in terms of priorities. What matters is the kind, the quality…

We must remember that in this qualitative evolution of society men and women can explore synergies by realizing their own uniqueness and being secure about it. We need to set our priorities right and not feel guilty about it. Pleasing everyone but our own self will only hamper our growth, evolution and reformation.

I see many young girls around begin their professional journeys. I’d like to recommend them to be consistent, have faith and think unconventionally. Hard work and positivity are also a must have when you are charting a journey. These parameters worked for me all through these years. Also, believe in yourself first, before anyone else does. Unless you are convinced by yourself, how will you convince others.

While I feel my journey has just begun, I always feel that we must learn to fail and make mistakes. For, they are the most effective teachers. You learn the most through experience.

While work keeps me on my toes, I like to explore new hobbies during my down time. Meeting new people and exploring new ideas are also what I look forward to continuously.
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