New Delhi

The National Capital Region (NCR) is the seat of India’s power and influence. The Punjabi community is one of the largest and most influential communities in the NCR. PCC Delhi recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our community in the NCR, ranging from exporters, manufacturers, professionals, and government officials. PCC Delhi offers a range of opportunities for all members to learn, network, and give back to our community. Our chapter holds informative panel discussions that are relevant to our members. We also provide great opportunities for mentoring and collaboration. PCC Delhi is open to all and as with other PCC chapters, basic membership is free. We look forward to having you join our chapter. For More Details contact

Chapter Co-Chairs
Nazm Singh Bilochpura
Co-Chair – PCC Delhi Chapter
Vivek Aggarwal
Co-Chair – PCC Delhi Chapter
Kanak Prabha Rauthan
Chapter Coordinator – PCC Delhi Chapter
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