London is home to the one of the oldest Indian Punjabi communities outside South Asia, dating back to the middle of the 19th Century. As such, the Indian Punjabi community in London and the rest of U.K. has become an integral part of society, featuring numerous luminaries in a multitude of fields. PCC London is dedicated to uniting and enriching our Indian Punjabi community together by creating an environment that promotes our members’ financial condition and allows them to assist others. PCC London takes advantage of being on the most diverse places on our planet by offering innumerable opportunities for our members to learn and network and eventually prosper. PCC London is open to all and as with other PCC chapters, basic membership is free. We look forward to having you join our chapter. For More Details contact

Chapter Co-Chairs
Inderpreet Kaur
Co-Chair – PCC London Chapter
Sabrina Thandi
Chapter Coordinator – PCC London Chapter