Mentorship Programs

In the journey of Community building and nation building, it is pivotal to empower, equip and strengthen the youth population for a sustainable future. In a recent study involving more than 70 mentoring programs and more than 25,000 young people, researchers affirm what many other smaller studies have found that mentoring has a significant effect on positive youth development.

Punjabi Chamber Mentorship Program aims to connect ambitious young professionals with high-level/successful business leaders/professionals to support each other’s professional and personal development. The Chamber strives to facilitate well structured programs qualified by strategic and Informed planning. The programs shall be designed with the desired outcomes to increase knowledge and build skills for future milestones.

The mentor/mentee can select their industry in accordance with their area of interest to apply for the program. The team will then review the application and determine the matches based on the information shared. The program offers professionals with the opportunity to impart knowledge, share experience, inspire and guide. It is your chance to give back to the community, help young professionals achieve success, create additional exposure for your business, and build strong relationships.

Join our program as our mentors help you explore career options, set development goals and actions, expand the network and unlock necessary resources.