Business Development & Exposure

  • Members are invited to take part in networking events (seminars and business mixers)
  • Annual promotion and advertisings programs
  • Listing of your business on the Chamber Website
  • Access to local sponsorship prospects which will help the publicity of your business


When clients know that a business is a member of the Punjabi Chamber of Commerce, they are more likely to think positively of that business and more likely to buy goods or sign up services from that company. As a leader in the Indian Punjabi community, our chamber has established a loyal following.

Education & Knowledge

  • Leadership Programs with important topics and noteworthy speakers
  • Access to information facilitated by the Punjabi Chamber
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Forums

Cost Savings

Strength is in numbers. The Punjabi Chamber is able to leverage its membership roster to garner discounts and other benefits for its members and cross promotions between members. The Chamber works third party vendors to obtain significant group discounts for our members.

Connect with your Chamber

Your capability to stay in touch with every single member is our topmost priority, and we are always working to develop how we can communicate with you. In order to simplify this process we ask you to kindly join our mailing list at Communication tools of our Chamber include the following: Website and blogs, Page in local newspapers, Social Media, Media Releases, Newsletters and Members Surveys.


The Punjabi Chamber regularly interfaces with governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies to assist our members. We help our members project a unified voice for issues that affect our community.

The Bigger Picture

The Punjabi Chamber of Commerce is the only chamber dedicated to helping Indian Punjabi businesses and professionals. We can only be good as our members. If the members of the Chamber work together, the future of the global Indian Punjabi community is limitless and the initial step towards that is your Chamber membership.

Sponsorship & Advertising

The Punjabi Chamber of Commerce offers several programs and events to help your company create business to business connections and advance brand recognition. Business leaders recognize and value members of Chamber that help them develop their knowledge and make vital contacts. Our membership embodies some of Punjabi’s most important and powerful corporate leaders; political figures; mid‐level managers; entrepreneurs; small business owners; young professionals and more.

Sponsoring a Chamber program or event provides members with the opportunity to complement their current promotional initiatives through business-focused practical marketing. Using an arrangement of exposure in the social media channels and publications, the Punjabi Chamber can help you maximize your potential.

Sponsorships are offered for the following Chamber programs:

  • Grand Openings
  • Business Announcements
  • Economic Summits
  • Email newsletter
  • Chamber Website