Rippi Karda
Co-Chair, New Jersey
March 5, 2021
For Rippi Karda, Co-Chair, New Jersey Chapter no dream is unattainable with dedicated efforts, proper guidance and effective resources. She believes that complacency doesn’t work in the bigger scheme of things.
As working professionals, it is imperative to balance work and personal life in a manner so that one can make a significant contribution in an organization. This works at making one a good, responsible corporate citizen who cares about employees, communities and environmental footprint. Priorities are changing with rapid flexibility so we do expect advancements with rewards in fields of competitive pay, vacation allotment and opportunity to advance.

Confident women always bolster other such women. They recognize and amplify other women's accomplishments and successes. Women should openly acknowledge another successful woman's latest achievement with a congratulatory note and possibly look to partner to learn for themselves. Self-assured, truly respected women do not feel the need to compete. Recognizing that there is room for everyone's individual successes is what needs to change. The mindset that there is only room for a few at the top is a fallacy that must be abandoned. Having platforms to showcase the varied talents of different women would ameliorate unnecessary and unhealthy competition.

To women balancing work and home, I’d like to ask them to set and adhere to established priorities and boundaries. Value yourself, your education and work. Ask for help when needed. Practice self-care so that you assist others at the right time. No one person can do it all and no woman should be expected to do so either.

I think I’ve come this far because I had a clear objective from a young age. I was thirsty to learn and succeed. I actively networked at all levels. We can teach young girls that no dream is unattainable. You can achieve them with dedicated efforts, proper guidance and effective resources. Complacency doesn’t work in the bigger scheme of things.

Work hard I tell myself and others. But also take time out. I destress by socializing with friends, travelling, spend time with my daughters, do pro bono work, attend concerts, watch Bravo TV shows, dine out and create delicious adult beverages.
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